A handcrafted Seattle houseboat just got famous on HGTV

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Have you ever had an epiphany that resulted in you being loaned 450k from Microsoft friends? Neither have we. But apparently, it does happen! Welcome to ‘Epiphany’, a brand spanking new houseboat on Lake Union that was the manifestation of one woman’s dream and a boat-load of cash. Spoiler alert, Epiphany is having her 15 minutes of fame.

Epiphany was the dream of owner Sarah J. Haggard, who has always known she wanted to live on the water. She was able to fulfill that dream by renting a houseboat on Lake Union. However, when that fell through due to unfortunate life circumstances, she worried her dream might be gone forever.


Luckily for her, a boat-load of cash, HGTV, and creative ideas saved the day. The result is a two-story, 1,400-square-foot houseboat that has made waves in its Lake Union marina. Haggard describes her new home as “a mixture of seaside cottage meets Midwest farmhouse, with a modern spin on houseboat living”. That sounds straight from the mouths of Chip and Joanna to us.

But hey, whatever floats your boat! The home has some fun aspects like a bathroom hidden behind a bookcase, a wine cellar hidden under the floor, and the fact that it was featured in an HGTV series. It’s no every day a woman creates the houseboat of her dreams and lands on TV!

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If you too have an Epiphany, well, we suggest finding some friends at Microsoft. Friends in high places can really get passion projects off the ground. Microsoft, we’ve got an idea for a mountain tiny home. Wanna help?

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