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Guide: 10 amazing waterfalls to check out near Seattle

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With weather this beautiful everyone should take advantage of the beautiful PNW. And one thing that we’re pretty dang lucky to have here is an abundance of waterfalls. So if you haven’t visited one of Washington’s waterfalls, now is the time. Here are 10 amazing waterfalls near Seattle.

Snoqualmie Falls

It’s an oldie but a goodie. This waterfall is a classic and well known to most Seattlites. Whether you know it from being an avid Twin Peaks fan or from the resort at the lodge its well worth a visit. And if you go we highly recommend hiking down to the base.

Where: 37451 SE Fish Hatchery Rd

Bridal Veil Falls

As you may have guessed by the name, this scenic waterfall is reminiscent of a bride’s veil. And this waterfall cascades down a 100 ft cliff so we can almost guarantee you’ll be pretty dang blown away. Plus the 4-mile hike is pretty nice as well.

Where: Mt Index River Rd

Myrtle Falls

If you want the most bang for your travel, heading to Mount Rainier is a great spot to see waterfalls. The park is full of them and Myrtle Falls is easily accessible while still being extremely beautiful. So don’t miss out on this one.

Where: Mount Rainier National Park

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Palouse Falls State Park

This one is probably one of the more unique waterfalls our state has to offer. Because unlike the others it’s not located in one of our pristine forests. Instead, Palouse Falls is hidden over on the Eastern side of the state. And while it’s a trek to get there it’s absolutely worth it.

Where: Palouse Falls Rd

Franklin Falls

If you want to be impressed and be able to take a dip then consider heading to Franklin Falls. There’s no need to go far for waterfalls around Seattle. This impressive waterfall is located just an hour outside of the city. And while it’s a very popular spot it’s absolutely worth visiting.

Where: Franklin Falls

Wallace Falls

This one is always a crowd-pleaser. So if you want something relatively easy and with a reward at the end then be sure to check out Wallace Falls. You can also see views of the valley and the Olympic Mountains. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

Where: Wallace Falls State Park

Coal Creek Falls

If you want to see multiple waterfalls, Cougar Mountain is another great place to consider going. But we’re big fans of Coal Creek as it’s a nice 2.5-mile hike with a beautiful forest waterfall. And it might not be as grandiose as others on the list but it is equally special.

Where: Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

Teneriffe Falls

If you happen to be heading towards Mount Si for blueberry picking then you need to stop by Teneriffe falls. This waterfall is at the end of a relatively easy but rocky hike. And has a beautiful fan formation that will look very nice on your Instagram.

Where: Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area

Twin Falls

As the name suggests, this waterfall splits off in a unique way making it appear to be two waterfalls. And while this is a popular waterfall it’s for a good reason. You can explore the pools below and there’s lots of hiking to be done in the area.

Where: Olallie State Park

Keekwulee Falls

This waterfall is a bit of a whopper at 171 feet. And it just so happens to be surrounded by a beautiful mix of luscious PNW scenery. Not to mention there are multiple hikes to be done in the area. So you can make this waterfall the main event or do a few things.

Where: Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Okay folks that’s what we have for you when it comes to the best waterfalls near Seattle. We hope you enjoy them and if you end up checking them out be sure to let us know. Have a great week!