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World famous Iron Chef opens Momosan ramen spot in Seattle

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Today marks the beginning of a new ramen age in this city, as Iron Chef Morimoto has opened Momosan Seattle. The world-renowned chef has two other Momosan locations, one in New York and the other in Waikiki Beach, so we’re being held in high company.


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Ramen, of course, is the menu item highlighted at Momosan Seattle. We’re pretty certain we could eat ramen every day until we die, so if Momosan tastes as good as advertised we might have found a new place to call home.

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Although Morimoto has plenty of restaurants around the world (this is his 17th restaurant overall), this Momosan location has a Seattle-exclusive menu item: seared jellyfish with yuzu soy. Tasty!

momosan morimoto seattle

After all, this is an Iron Chef we’re talking about. If anyone knows how to make magic flavors out of oddball combinations, it’s chef Morimoto. Also, fried frog legs and grilled pig’s feet are on the menu. Along with top-notch sushi and sake offerings, it’s obvious Momosan finds beauty in diversity.

The extensive drinks list goes through plenty of options and a solid group of Japanese whiskeys. For now, the bar closes at 11 pm with the rest of the restaurant. Chef Morimoto, however, is considering keeping it open a little later, especially if it gains some solid traction.

Momosan Seattle

Where: The Publix, 504 5th Ave S
When: Open Now (Thursday, September 5th)

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