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This Seattle bar pop-up is going to be a Christmas Miracle

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We’re not going to lie to you, we were originally not excited to write about a ‘Christmas Miracle’ pop-up bar coming to Seattle. We thought, hoo boy, here we go again- another hokey idea surrounding egg nog. Boy, were we wrong on that.

That’s because Miracle is the brainchild of Greg Boehm. We admit that we didn’t know who he was either. But, then we found out that he’s the guy behind one of our favourite bars in New York- the original Mace in Alphabet City.

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miracle bar

Turns out he’s also the guy with the largest collection of vintage mixology books in the world. Know what that means? Greg’s got access to some Holiday drinks you’ve never even heard of before, and he’s going to put his own qualified spin on them.

And then as the final cherry on top, Miracle will be popping up at Rob Roy, another iconic bar. So to recap, you can enjoy an intentionally kitschy Christmas pop-up, created by one of America’s best mixologists (a word we hate to use but is fitting), in one of Seattle’s best bars.

Yeah, we’re going.

Miracle at Rob Roy

When: Starts November 29

Where: 2332 2nd Avenue

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