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Here are 8 black-owned restaurants in Seattle to try this week

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We know a lot of you have been enjoying takeout from restaurants across the city. And sometimes we get stuck in a rut but this year is really all about change. So with that in mind, we think it’s important that we do a black-owned restaurant guide. Because it’s important that we support black-owned restaurants in Seattle and our state. These are unprecedented times, so support of any kind is welcome. Here we go!

Conscious Eatery

This restaurant is not only tasty but it also has an amazing mission. Because for every meal you purchase, they provide one for someone in need. Not to mention, they use quality ingredients and partner with multiple groups across the city.

Plum Bistro

If you happen to be vegan, chances are you know Plum. This gem is one of Seattle’s favorite vegan restaurants that create delicious plant-based meals from high-quality ingredients. And even if you aren’t vegan, we bet you’ll love it.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken

If you don’t know Ezell’s, you’re missing out. Ezell’s is known across the country and honestly probably across the world. So when you need fried chicken, be sure to visit this classic Seattle spot.

June Baby

This Seattle favorite focuses on Southern comfort food. And during the time of COVID-19, they have moved to a takeout model with food, grocery items, and wine. So we highly recommend giving their delicious food a try and also checking out their sister restaurants Salare and Lucinda.

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Jerk Shack

Jerk Shack is all about Caribbean Cuisine and has a super tasty menu. And during the time of COVID-19, they are operating on a takeout basis. So you can grab select menu items as well as cocktails to go or liquor.

Cortona Cafe

We all miss stopping by our favorite cafes. And with many closed in Seattle, it may be time to find a new favorite. So with that in mind, we recommend trying Cortona because they serve up tasty coffee and pastries. And they’ll probably become your new go-to.

Cafe Campagne

Pike Place has a lot of gems but Cafe Campagne is definitely one of the brightest. So if you need french cuisine, look no further than Cafe Campagne. Not to mention, they’re offering Asparagus ice cream right now which we really want to try.


This restaurant is beautiful and tasty and luckily during the time of COVID-19, they are doing takeout! And they have a pretty big menu as well so we’re sure you’ll find something you love. So if you need to treat yourself to a tasty dinner, look no further.

Okay folks, so at this point, we think you get it but all of these restaurants are either operating at a takeout or delivery level. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to black-owned restaurants in Seattle. So check out these gems and be sure to do your research and check out the post above.

Happy eating!