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A huge Seattle-based restaurant chain has filed for bankruptcy

Photo via Victor Chapa, Flickr Creative Commons

Restaurants Unlimited, a Seattle-based restaurant chain with over 1900 full and part-time employees, has filed for bankruptcy. The company was behind popular restaurants such as Henry’s Tavern and Palomino Restaurant and Bar.

In an email release, the group has partly blamed rising minimum wage in several states where it operates. Seattle, for example, has seen an increase from $9.47 to $16 an hour over the past three years.

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However, according to a former employee, that might not be all there is to it. The massive chain has apparently been dogged by sluggish concepts for the past few years. That’s not going to help. Plus, only some states were affected by wage hikes.

All in all, it’s possible that minimum wage hikes contributed at least in part to their downfall. But, we think that running a major corporation is a lot more than what you’re paying part-time employees.

That’s just our take, though. All we hope is that this Seattle chain declared bankruptcy in a Michael Scott-esque way.

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