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8 places to get alcohol delivery and takeout from in Seattle this weekend

We’re big fans of all the delivery we’re able to get during COVID-19. And that includes alcohol delivery and takeout. So with the weekend coming up, we thought it would be the perfect time to list some of our favorites. With that in mind, here are 8 places to get alcohol delivery and takeout from in Seattle this weekend.

Petite Soif

If you’re into natural wines, Petite Soif is a great local shop to check out. Plus they offer things like charcuterie type snacks so you can have the at-home happy hour of your dreams. All you have to do is place an order and pick it up!

Where: 3309A Beacon Ave S

Left Bank Seattle

This bottle shop is Seattle’s oldest natural wine shop and they sure know their stuff. Right now they are offering a curated 4 bottle wine delivery or pick up service on Friday evenings. And we think that’s pretty fun because sometimes it can be hard to pick a bottle.

Where: 8526 14th Ave South

Harry’s Fine Foods

This cute eaterie in Capitol Hill is offering take out and a selection of $20-$30 bottles of wine. If you’re looking to have a great dinner at home we highly recommend grabbing some food and a few bottles.

Where: 601 Bellevue Ave E

Mezcaleria Oaxaca

This Oaxacan restaurant is offering take out and a selection of Mexican wines, rare mezcal and tequila, and cocktail kits. So grab some bottles, a few tacos, and make sure to try some of their new churros as well!

Where: 422 E Pine St

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This delicious restaurant in chophouse row is offering drinks alongside their inventive menu. You can choose from a wide selection of wines, cider, and beer. And of course, they have cocktail kits however, they go fast. So be sure to get there quickly for their next restock.

Where: 1424 11th Ave

Elysian Brewing

Elysian is a Seattle classic and they are now offering delivery of their brews in select parts of Seattle and the Eastside. So you don’t have to brave going out in the world to get your favorite brews. All you have to do is sit back and relax.


If you want more unique or exotic cocktail kits, be sure to check out Nue. They have a large menu with options like a Smoldering Paloma, Kat Chai, Casters Greyhound, and more! So be sure to pull out your funky glass collection to match these unique drinks.

Where: 1519 14th Ave

Chuck’s Hop Shop

Chuck’s is a Seattle classic and they also happen to have a large and great selection of beers and wines. So get over to the land of a thousand beers to pick out your favorites.

Where: 2001 E Union St and 656 NW 85th St

Alright, folks, we hope you enjoy this list of places to get alcohol delivery and takeout from in Seattle this weekend. And remember, drink responsibly and support locally when you can. Anyway, enough harping from us, have a great weekend, guys!

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