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The Curiocity Fall Style Guide for the Pacific Northwest

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Our putting out a fall style guide is basically our way of saying that we can finally get back to dressin’. Heads up though- we come from a wacky history in fashion and some of our picks might be, uh, unconventional. But trust us when we tell you that all the cool kids are doing it.

Here is the Curiocity Fall Style Guide for those in the Pacific Northwest.

First, The Basics

Get those layers up, those are rookie layers

fall style guide

Fall means that the weather can change in a heartbeat. Avoid getting left out in the cold or sweating profusely once you get inside by adopting a layer system. We’re not talking ‘long sleeve t-shirt paired with an insanely thick puffer jacket’, either. You’re going to want to at least go with a base layer, insulation, then a light puffer coat. Maybe a windbreaker. It’s a system, folks.

Our Pick for Men: Arc’teryx Zeta SL Jacket
Our Pick for Women: Patagonia Micro D Snap T Fleece

Speaking of insulation…

fall style guide

Everybody undervalues a good pair of heavy pants during the fall. Heck, we know we do. That’s why this year we’ve put our faith in CCW (corduroy, cotton, and wool). Did we just come up with that acronym? Absolutely. Are we sticking by it? You better believe so.

Men: Dickies Construct Carpenter Pants
Women: Madewell Corduroy Pants

Shoe the street who’s boss

fall style guide canada

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a puddle or an unexpected pile of snow during your commute. Whether you’re going full tactical this season or just want a little more protection from the elements, you have options out the wazoo when it comes to combining comfort and style.

Men: Converse Chuck 70 GORE-TEX
Women: Converse One Star Lugged Low Top

And, always protect the bottom line


No, we’re not talking about some weird padded underwear. Avoid spending a significant portion of your paycheck on clothing by getting solid basics from brands like Uniqlo. Alternatively, support your local thrift and vintage dealers while saving money on expensive labels.

Men: Uniqlo U Fleece Jacket
Women: Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck

Trend Alert!

Ok, so we’ve got the basics out of the way. Now is the time to explore some of the hot ticket items around the world this fall.

Tie Dye

online ceramics

From cultish brands like Online Ceramics to some of the world’s most popular influencers, it’s clear that tie-dye is having a moment. Here’s an inside scoop, though- you don’t have to drop $100 on a tee to ride the wave. Instead, hit your local thrift or army surplus store and try out tie-dye at home. You’ll get extra props for your commitment.

Unisex: Tie Dye a fleece sweater using the Online Ceramics colour palette

Bondage Wear


And no, we’re not talking about full-on bondage wear. Instead, it seems like there is an ongoing resurrection of Helmut Lang’s early 2000s aesthetic, and we’re down for it. Not only does it mean that we get to wear boxy shirts to the office, but it also means that we can drop some cash on some of the more ‘out there’ leather pieces and still feel professional.

Men: Anything by Alyx, it’s so hot right now
Women: Check out Helmut Lang‘s return to form

The end of Logomania


From Virgil Abloh taking a break to Demna Gvasalia leaving Vetements, we might be seeing the end of logomania. At the very least, it’s evolving. Our take? High-fashion houses will always be able to make their logos look good, but you can find that McDonald’s tee shirt at your local thrift store and warp it yourself. No need to drop hundreds of dollars on it.

Seriously, look at this $1.2k hoodie with the Ford logo on it

Alright, that’s all we can think of for our fall style guide for the Pacific Northwest. Did we completely miss the mark? We hope not, otherwise, all those nights on Business of Fashion were wasted. That would be a bummer.