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Home of the Week: A unique floating home with an affordable price tag

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Well folks we’re back with another Home of the Week. And this week you might just actually be able to afford it. But there is one thing, the home in question is actually a boat. So put on your life jacket and let’s get into the details.

Home of the Week: 1818 Westlake Ave N #E21

home of the week

This houseboat or just boat is perfect for those of you that want to live a life afloat. And we have to say it’s pretty much the ultimate Seattle/PNW residence. After all, what other place can you live right on the water while being in the heart of the city? Anyway, we think it’s fun.

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home of the week

So for $125k, you can have one of the most unique homes in the city. And as for details, this home has a bedroom, a second bed, a living area, a bathtub, and a kitchen. But you will have to pay $975 a month extra for the slip rent.

home of the week

Either way, it’s definitely one of the most affordable pieces of “property” you’ll find in the city. And it might just be the perfect work from home spot if you need a change of scenery. After all, we wouldn’t mind those lakefront views.

If you’d like to learn more about this houseboat you can click here. And if you end up purchasing it, we’d love to see what you do with the space. Because it’s already pretty cool but we could totally see someone making it even more unique.