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A look inside the best cake shop in Seattle

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Sometimes, we quite literally cannot wait to treat ourselves. And when we get that feeling, we make a beeline to Hot Cakes. This Seattle staple has been providing the city with incredible cakes since 2012.

hot cakes

Originally selling the raw batter at local farmers markets as early as 2008, founder Autumn Martin knew that she had high-quality, organic desserts down to a science. Even still, the most popular item is the Dark Decadence- the original molten cake.

hot cakes

The menu has expanded quite a bit since the early days, though. They now sell cookies, have seasonal items, and have even dipped into milkshakes.

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hot cakes

We really like the sound of the seasonal option too- rhubarb bread pudding. Of course, the seasonal stuff is only available for a limited time, so get down there if it piques your interest.

hot cakes

They also sell some take home stuff at their store. From chocolate sauce to apparel, you can let your love of chocolate be known.

hot cakes

The next time that you, or a friend, could use a little treat, know that Hot Cakes awaits you with open arms.

Hot Cakes

Hours: Varies by location
Where: 5427 Ballard Avenue NW and 1650 E Olive Way

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