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A look inside Seattle’s first bubble tea food truck

Photo via Curiocity Group

Let’s face it, food trucks are amazing. Food trucks serving up incredible bubble tea? That’s downright dreamy. Good thing that this truck is called Dreamy Drinks! (Otherwise we would have to call them out for false advertising.)

dreamy drinks

The pastel pink van offers all sorts of sips. If you’re feeling coffee, they’ve got you. Milk tea craving? They’ve got you. This truck has even got slushies! So, swing by and treat yourself to a little something, you’ve earned it.

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dreamy drinks

We’re big fans of the strawberry matcha latte. It tastes fruity, but comes with a little kick of energy. Plus, it’s filled with milk, green tea and strawberries. (AKA, a match made in heaven.) You can trust us on this, we don’t mess around.

dreamy drinks

For the hotter days, go for the Grapefruit Jasmine Slushy instead. Think of it as a slurpee on steroids. Probably healthier than a slurpee, too. We think. It’s better for your soul, at least.

dreamy drinks

After you visit, make sure to toss them a follow them on Instagram. That way, the next time they’re nearby you can make a beeline over there. Think of Dreamy Drinks as the adult ice cream truck. Except instead of a fun song to alert us, we’ve got social media. How times have changed…

Dreamy Drinks

Where: All over the goshdarn place!