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8 of the weirdest things to do in Seattle next week

Via @rockinryan on Twitter and Music Junkie Press

Alright Seattle, we’re back with some of the weirdest events happening over the next week. Although, we’ll just preface this by saying that the options are pretty normal on the weird scale. Some weeks are weirder than others. That being said, there are a lot of tasty and sensory events to fill all your fun needs!

Body of Work: Tattoo Culture 

Have you ever been curious about the history of tattoos? Or maybe you just really like them. Whatever the case is, this exhibition at MoPOP looks pretty dang cool and is worth checking out.

When: Starts February 1
Where: Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), 325 Fifth Ave N
Cost: $28 and up

Bubble Tea at Home

You’re probably overspending on bubble tea (don’t worry, us too). So, you might as well learn how to make the perfect cup at home and save mad money. If you happen to miss this one, don’t freak out, as they run them fairly often.

When: February 3rd
Where: The Works, 151 12th Ave
Cost: $49

Bees, Guts, Soil, and Cancer: The Microbiome

If you’re going to go out, you might as well learn something right? This event will answer all your questions about the intricate world of microbes present in every human. It will also talk about how our health is connected to the world around us. Pretty nifty.

When: February 4th
Where: Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave
Cost: $5

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National Chocolate Fondue Day

Talk about tasty! This is the perfect mid-week treat to get you through to the weekend. We really wish we could tag along for this one.

When: February 5th
Where: Melting Pot, 14 Mercer St
Cost: Desserts are $5 with the purchase of an entree

Botanical Watercolor

Learn the basics of classical botanical watercolor painting, which includes techniques in measurement, drawing, and understanding how light reveals form, along with practice in color mixing. This class has techincally started, but tickets are still available. You’ll be painting the prettiest plants in no time!

When: Jan 21–March 3 (Tuesdays)
Where: UW Botanical Gardens, 3501 NE 41st Street
Cost: $295

Drake Bell 

The children of Disney are all grown up, and we’re sorry to say, but we didn’t even know this is what Drake Bell is doing these days. Apparently the dude’s a rock star? We also want to known what the age demographic of this show will be. Please go and let us know.

When: February 7th
Where: The Vera Project, 305 Harrison St
Cost: $17 and up

2020 International Clash Day: Clash Cover Night

This is pretty self-explanatory, but this year’s theme is “Clash For Climate”. KEXP is hosting the annual Clash Cover Night in the Gathering Space and will be featuring some of your favorite Clash covers by local favorites Naked Giants, Tres Leches, Duke Evers, and more.

When: February 7th
Where: KEXP Gathering Space, 472 1st Ave N
Cost: $12

Beginning Level Icelandic Language Classes 

So you want to be a Polyglot? You might as well hit up this weekly Icelandic Lanuage course and get ready for your hip and happening trip to Reykjavik.

When: February 7th
Where: Nordic Museum, 2655 NW Market St
Cost: $150-$160

That’s it for this week Seattle, enjoy all the weird and wonderful things our city has to offer. We’re thinking some botanical painting might just hit the spot.

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