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The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival starts in Seattle today!

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No, the World’s Quickest Theatre Festival is not something that we just came up with. Dubbed 14/48, this theatre fest literally sees 14 plays being created and performed over the course of the weekend.

You might be thinking “that’s impossible.” An hour ago, we would have agreed with you. However, after reading how they do it, we’re going to say that it’s simply extremely difficult. Remember, when compared to impossible, extremely difficult is totally fine!

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The festival actually started yesterday. Participants got together and suggested concepts that they think would make theatre better. One of those was picked, and the writers got busy with their respective stories.

Then, directors showed up this morning, and were given a random screenplay and random actors. After those plays are performed tonight, the audience will submit new ideas, and the process starts again for tomorrow. This is the festival equivalent of duct-taping a boat together and expecting it to float.

But then, float it does! We seriously recommend checking out this unique theatre festival!

The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival

When: January 11-12 and January 17-18
Where: ACT Theater, 700 Union Street
Cost: $17 and up

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