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Report: The 2020 Olympics are going to be postponed

Photo via ZBC News

Shortly after Canada’s announcement that it will not be sending athletes to Japan, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to postpone the 2020 Olympic Games indefinitely. The news comes after Team Canada and Australia both pulled athletes from the Games unless a postponement was announced.

The info is a result of an interview between IOC committee member Dick Pound and USA Today. In the interview, Pound mentions that the decision had already been made, and it was just a matter of finalizing a plan.

The decision comes amidst growing concern over the novel coronavirus. So, it would make sense to not have hundreds of thousands of people from around the world come to congregate for a few weeks in a dense city.

Frankly, we’re surprised that it took the IOC or Japan this long to postpone the games. We know that doing so represents billions of dollars in lost revenue, but we’re pretty sure there are more important things going on.

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