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Everything you need to know about the Seattle Booktoberfest

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Have you ever thought to yourself “Gee, I wonder what librarians are like outside of the library?” Well, you can find out at Booktoberfest, which is the Seattle Public Library’s celebration of ‘books, beer, and good cheer’.

With events throughout the month, Booktoberfest features a variety of options for book (or beer) enthusiasts. Start off with something light, like Libraryoke. We don’t know very many songs about books, but we’ll bet there out there.

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Or, you can test your knowledge by attending one of their trivia nights. If you’re tired of feeling superior at house parties because you got through the first chapter of The Sound and The Fury, then this is for you.

Finally, Booktoberfest wouldn’t be complete without some spooky touches. You can listen to spooky stories during ‘Ales from the Crypt’, brush up on unsettling poems, or just check out their Halloween movie marathon.

Basically, Booktoberfest is perfect for getting in the mood for fall. We know that our reading has been growing over the summer, how about yours?


When: October 16 until November 7
Where: Venues around Seattle
Cost: Varies per event

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