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Digital Seattle Pride is officially kicking off this afternoon!

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Well folks in case you didn’t know, Seattle Pride is here! Really it’s been here all month since June is Pride month. But today marks the official beginning of Seattle celebrations. And as you may have heard from us earlier this year, Pride is digital this year.

So as there are many different facets of pride, this year everyone came together to create a digital celebration. And today begins with Trans Pride which is being put on by the Gender Justice League. Tomorrow will be Pride Fest which is being put on by itself. And Sunday will cap off the weekend with Seattle Pride which is also being put on by itself.

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So all you have to do to get in on the celebration is to register online. And of course, it’s all free which makes this a great weekend activity whether you are celebrating or an ally. So you can expect performances, talks and all sorts of fun.

If you’d like to learn more you can click above or here. And if you want to celebrate a little extra, there will be a few Pride marches happening around the city. But if you decide to go just remember to wear a mask and social distance. And with that, Happy Pride and have a great weekend!

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