Boogie the night away at this silent disco in the VP Conservatory

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We all love a good concert but have you ever been to a silent concert? Yes, you read that right. We know you’re wondering how the heck that would work. Don’t worry, you’re about to find out. The Volunteer Park Conservatory is having its first-ever silent disco! We went to one of these during first year. Fun times.

At the VPC Silent Disco, you can dance the evening away among your favorite plants. And, get this, you’ll be home before 10. Like come on, when was the last time you went out for a concert and were home before 10? We don’t know about you, but we really prioritize our 8 hours of sleep, so this is sounding more and more fun.

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Anyway, when you arrive at the VPC you can “grab a pair of headphones and switch between the different channels to find a tune you can dance to”. Pretty cool, because everyone hates it when the DJ is playing lame tunes. This way, you’re fully in control and in your own bubble. Once you’ve got your song, you can “dance your way through the Palm, Seasonal or Cactus houses while admiring the plants”.

While this event is open to ages 18+, the Bromeliad and Fern houses will be open to 21+ guests only. So if you want to grab a drink, dance on over to the Bromeliad Bar for brews from Georgetown Brewing Co.

We have a feeling tickets will go fast, just saying. See you in the cactus house.

Silent Disco at Volunteer Park Conservatory

When: Saturday, March 7
Where: Volunteer Park Conservatory, 1400 East Galer Street
Cost: $15

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