Bare it all for the No Pants Light Rail Ride in Seattle this weekend

Photo via @improvevery Instagram

How should we talk about the No Pants Light Rail Ride going down this weekend? Hmm, that’s a tough one to answer. On one hand, it’s a fun, spontaneous ‘social experiment’. On the other, it feels like we’re spending all this time focusing at other people’s butts.

First, some history. The No Pants Subway Ride was first started by the New York comedy group Improv Everywhere way back in 2002. The idea was simple- board the subway in the winter with no pants. Oh, right, and whatever you do don’t draw attention to the fact that you’re not wearing pants.

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You’re also not supposed to acknowledge anybody else without pants on, if they’re in there. It’s the kind of thing an overzealous sociology prof might ask you to do. You’d chuckle and nod at your classmate, with both of you knowing full well that it won’t happen.

Well, it’s happening. And you can either jump in bum-first with other participants, or you can avoid the subway that day! We still don’t know which to recommend.

No Pants Light Rail Ride

When: Sunday, January 12
Where: On the Light Rail

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