Legendary VR golf experience from Topgolf coming to Seattle

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Have you been trying to get your dad out of the house more? Lazy significant other? If so, we have the solution for you! Lounge by Topgolf is an indoor virtual golfing venue that will be opening on the Eastside later this January. Sorry Seattleites, you’ll have to go across the lake for this one!

Lounge by Topgolf has set a standard for the virtual golf industry. This venue is complete with massive screens, a selection of exciting virtual games, and an innovative bar and restaurant.

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As DJ Khaled – err, Topgolf – said, “we taking over.” We’re not kidding, there are Topgolf locations all across the US and UK. With that in mind, it looks like the goal here is premium hospitality, craft cocktails, and locally curated dishes. It doesn’t get much better than that!

It’s about to be the hottest spot for Kirkland dads and first daters, but hey, who knows! Maybe we’ll get into golf. We mean, it is the winter and there’s not much fun to do outside. Might as well.

If you’re just ready to start swinging, hold your horses for just a second because Topgolf isn’t opening for the next couple of weeks. To learn more about Topgolf and the virtual golfing world, click here.

Happy putting!

Lounge by Topgolf Kirkland

When: Opening TBA
Where: 425 Urban Plaza #200, Kirkland