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Stay Home with SAM is the newest local online art experience

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As you guys probably know, we follow the Seattle Art Museum pretty closely. And that being said, we were really excited about their spring exhibits. But since they have come and gone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re excited about a new feature from the museum. It’s called Stay Home with SAM.

Stay Home with SAM gives users “art activities for all ages, videos, interviews, art news, and more to keep you connected to art”. It’s basically an online mix of art class and art history. And as more and more museums have released online collections, we’re excited to see SAM doing something different.

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So if you are bored by looking over endless art collections, check out Stay Home with SAM. Instead of viewing, you’ll actually be able to interact with the art on a whole new level. Similarly, its a really great way to stave off boredom or get back into art if you’ve been on hiatus.

In conclusion, you can definitely catch us cruising the Stay Home with SAM page and we hope you’ll be doing the same. If you’d like to see more, click here. And as a friendly reminder, arts institutions are taking a huge hit at the moment and are always accepting donations.

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