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See the best of shorts at the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour

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First of all, we know the title might have thrown you off. It may be the 2019 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour, but it’s happening this weekend. And thank goodness for that, because we need something to get us out of the house!

Short films are definitely different than your average feature-length film. They’re fueled by artistic expression and limited only by their runtime. We think that short films go above and beyond traditional storytelling. The abbreviated form is made for risk-taking and is an excellent way for you to get a lil’ dose of film in a way that doesn’t drag on forever.

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The event runs throughout the weekend, so you can go more than once if you’re really feeling it. The entire program is 96 minutes long, which is about as long as your typical movie. However, you get 7x the content. Wow!

We’re not going to make suggestions here, because there are only 7 movies and they’re all special in their own unique way. That’s what our mom used to tell us and our brothers. The genres vary drastically and we guarantee you’ll be wanting to see more. Who knows, this event might just show you your favorite films of the year!

2019 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour in Seattle

When: Runs January 17th – 29th
Where: 1515 12th Ave
Cost: $13

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