Seattle is getting its own professional e-sports team this winter

Photo via @codleague Instagram

Seattle getting their own e-sports team is kind of a double whammy, actually. Not only is it the first time an e-sports team is coming to the city, but it’s also something funded by the Aquilini Investment Group, aka the owners of the Vancouver Canucks.

The team will be called the Seattle Surge, and they’ll be competing in the newly created league for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Perfect, now we get to see how the pros play it.

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Both the branding and the name are obvious nods to the Pacific Northwest. The trident referencing the Space Needle and the #drownthemout catchphrase are dead giveaways. Obviously, they want the league to know where they’re coming from.

Did you do a double-take when we mentioned CoD: Modern Warfare? If you’re unaware, the original creators of Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, recently released a massively popular installment that bears the same name. Not going to lie, we bought it on release and have been loving it.

Learn all about the new Seattle e-sports team right here.

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