Our favorite classic Disney movies you should rewatch this week

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Howdy folks! If you’re anywhere close to in the same situation as us, then chances are good that your movie list is growing by the hour. And we thought, heck, why no talk about some amazing classic Disney movies to check out. Whether you’re subscribed to Disney+ already or have yet to cash in on your free trial, we think these movies will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Here are some great classic Disney movies to watch.


There’s no better time to watch the original than after the release of the remake gets postponed. One weird way to look at this film is how the critic understands it. On release, it was all about ‘honor’ and ‘family duty’. Now, people are realizing that maybe pretending to be your father is not be the healthiest way to deal with the situation.

The Emperor’s New Groove


The Emperor’s New Groove features one of our favorite characters in the Disney Universe- Kronk. The chipmunk-speaking, spinach puff making sidekick is one of the best to grace the scene. And the movie’s devotion to visual humor is right up there.

Peter Pan

Right now, the lifestyle of the Lost Boys looks mighty tempting. Live on an island away from old people forever, and our only problem is some old pirate? We’ll take that set up any day of the week. Plus, how can you go wrong with a pick that’s all about childlike innocence and escapism?

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Well, it’s true what they say- everybody wants to be a cat. If only that was the case, and we had to wander around the streets looking for ways to cement our inheritance. Oh well, maybe in another life. A light-hearted romp with some great musical numbers, plus kitties!

The Princess and the Frog

We’re stoked to include this one because we think it is absolutely a modern classic. Released in 2009, this movie was lauded as a fantastic return to form for Disney studios. And here’s a fun back story, the film is loosely based off of the 2002 book The Frog Princess, which flipped around the original Frog Prince narrative.

The Sword in the Stone

classic Disney movies

In our opinion, this film is one of the biggest sleeper hits in the entire Disney universe. We know that’s saying something, but this movie’s plot, characters, and settings all hit the right note. And with the inclusion of Merlin, you’ve got a little magic to help you along.

Lilo & Stitch

Another movie that we would call a modern classic without blinking. Lilo & Sitch is arguably one of the best movies ever made, with one of the best role models ever created by Disney- Nani. Watch the movie as an adult and tell us you don’t agree.



These last two picks are our true escapism options. Fantasia was essentially a showcase of Disney’s creative team, set to classical music masterworks. From Mickey Mouse as a wizard to some crazy Halloween-esque trips, Fantasia is one of the most important films in the Disney catalog.

Alice in Wonderland

Ah yes, to be able to follow a rabbit down a hole and end up in another world. We can’t, but we can live vicariously through Alice’s travels. Also- what the heck is up with that scene with the Walrus and the Carpenter? Weirdly disturbing, and completely unnecessary, sidenote.

And that’s our round-up of some great Disney classic movies to add to the list! Now, the real question is, how long do we wait before finally starting up that free trial? Decisions, decisions…

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