Hallmark will be showing its Christmas movie marathon this weekend

Photo via Crown Media

Self iso update: We have no idea what day it is. Turns out, Hallmark doesn’t either! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over again because the greeting card manufacturer turned production company (somehow?) Will be bringing back a marathon of Hallmark Christmas classic movies which will include 27 of your mom’s favourites!

The offseason Festivus will kick-off on Friday, March 20th at 10 am (MDT) with that one movie where that one girl goes back home for the first time in years and unsuspectingly bumps into high school best friend. You know, the one she was secretly in love with?

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Spoiler alert: the magic of Christmas brings them together and she decides to stay in town despite having an incredibly successful career in New York. Yeah, you know exactly which one we’re talking about!

You can view the entire list of movies scheduled for the Hallmark Christmas marathon (in ET/PT) here!

This quarantine is really starting to feel like a “choose your own adventure,” so for added effect, feel free to also set up your Christmas tree this weekend!

Our apartment currently looks like a Hot Topic. Halloween is really more our thing.

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