Disney+ to start streaming ‘Frozen 2’ three months early

Photo via Disney/Vox

Good morning, folks! Considering the wave of cancellations, restrictions and other less-than-stellar announcements, Disney+ releasing Frozen 2 three months earlier than expected might not be the kind of good news you were looking for today.

But hey, it does, at the very least, give you a new movie to check out this week while you’re chilling at home. The movie, released late November last year, absolutely crushed it at the box office, raking in close to $1.5B USD. Plus, it got an Academy Award nomination for best original song with ‘Into the Unknown’.

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Of course, things aren’t looking great for Disney right now. The company has been closing amusement parks around the world, and have postponed the production of a couple of their movies. Finally, they’ve pushed back the release date for Mulan.

But we’re not going to dwell on that stuff right now. We think that everyone could use the banality of Olaf, so we’re excited that Disney is letting him out early.

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