Apple TV+ announces launch date and pricing

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Well, Apple had their classic special event keynote today and announced the details for Apple TV+  among other things. Sure, the plans for the iPhone 11 look cool, but talk to us when you make a beefier version of the 8, or the SE, ok? We don’t want to lug around tablets in our pockets.

Anyway, it looks like Apple TV+ has come to play hardball. First off, they will be launching on November 1st, ahead of competitor Disney+. Next, Apple’s pricing comes in amongst the cheapest offers around, at a mere $4.99/month.

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The streaming service will feature a variety of original programming, including projects from Jason Momoa, Oprah and, most importantly, Snoopy!

We don’t know what Snoopy in Space is going to be about, but we’d easily pay $4.99 to figure it out.

Also, if you’re thinking of buying a new Apple product, know that doing so will get you a free subscription for a year to test drive the service. Plus, up to 6 family members can share one account.

Looks like they’ll be giving the other major streaming services a run for their money. Just remind us again… how is this different from cable anymore?

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