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Partake in Black Friday with this awesome Discover Pack deal

Via Partake Brewing

As we approach the holidays and find ourselves spending more money, it’s a nice time to catch a great deal. Black Friday is the favourite shopping day for many (ourselves included) and Partake Brewing is encouraging you to partake with them by offering an amazing discounted price on their Discovery Pack!

partake brewing

What is Partake Brewing, you ask? Allow us to introduce you to the amazing craft beer you’ve maybe never tried. Brewed to perfection to deliver crisp, satisfying flavour, Partake is non-alcoholic so you can enjoy a bev while being extra kind to your body. Whether you want to have a brew after your workout or maybe during your workday, Partake is the perfect option no matter the occasion.

partake brewing

So let’s circle back to the Discovery Pack, shall we? This is the perfect “gotta try ‘em all” solution if you’re not sure which of their five styles will suit your taste buds best. Now on for only $10 (down from $18), you get to try 1 can of each of the 5 styles, shipping included! This amazing deal is only on From Nov. 27-30 exclusively at, so hop to it and place those orders!

Already a loyal fan of Partake Brewing and wondering where else you can pick up a case? Partake is now available at Whole Foods, Total Wine & More, and Amazon Prime. Find the location closest to you by visiting the website!