It’s been a big year for renovations. Between SEA and Seattle’s soon-to-be-completed plane building, our city is on the up and up. Now the Mariner’s T-Mobile Park is next with a $55 million dollar renovation project that is set to make the park even better. Let’s get into the details.

The Mariners have announced plans for both a new premium club and major renovations to the existing T-Mobile Park Diamond Club. Both renovations are set to be completed for the start of the 2023 season. The renovations are part of the park’s commitment to maintain and improve so that it remains a first-class facility but it also marks something big.

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What is that you ask? Well, the Mariners will host the Major League Baseball All-Star Week in July 2023. So of course, our local stadium has to be looking extra spiffy by then.

Now here’s what you can expect from the new additions and renovations. The new press box club will take over the existing press box, operating as a premium club with a capacity for over 200 guests with both interior and exterior seating.

The Diamond Club renovation is the first since the park opened in 1999 and will have a new footprint that encompasses 13,000 square feet, with a new kitchen and restrooms. These additions will help to more easily accommodate the 400 Diamond Club members who are seated in the first eight rows behind home plate.

As for the actual working press box, it will be relocated to the Terrace Club Level next to the Dave Niehaus Broadcast Center.

So next time you’re at a game keep your eyes peeled because you might just start to notice a change or two. You can read about the full renovation at the Mariners website.