Embark on a breathtaking adventure just south of Anacortes, where the enchanting Sares Head Trail awaits with beautiful views of the ocean and islands from elevated vantage points. This hidden gem boasts a network of trails weaving through diverse mixed forests, offering a perfect blend of nature’s wonders.

As you begin your hike along the Sares Head Trail, you’ll cross through a forested area, approaching the picturesque Fox Pond, which despite the name is actually a beaver marsh.

In late spring and summer, witness the pond adorned with cattails, skunk cabbage, lily pads, and vibrant yellow lily flowers, creating a scene straight out of a nature painting.

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sales head trail
Photo via Washington Trails Association

Continue your exploration, encountering junctions with trails like Porpoise Point Trail, Shelley Loop Trail, and Sunburst Trail. As you progress, the terrain opens up, unveiling views of the water below.

Once you’re 0.76 miles from the trailhead, you’ll find a junction with the lower end of the Broom-Tomb Loop Trail. Nearby you’ll come across a sign leading to the Sares Head Overlook, treating you to a scenic bench. You’ll have panoramic views of the snow-capped Olympic summits, Lopez Island, Decatur Island, and glimpses of San Juan and Vancouver Islands.

If you’re lucky you may have some avian wildlife encounters, from swallows seeking insects to the occasional majestic bald eagle soaring by.

All in all, the 2.1 mile hike is a great choice year round for getting on a northern Washington adventure.

Sares Head Trail

Information on Sares Head Trail is from Washington Trails Association and is accurate as of publication date.