Samsung Electronics Canada recently hosted an event bringing Toronto’s Women in Tech (and also those aspiring to be) under one roof. They cleverly collab-ed with the most iconic professional women’s club and career portal, Monday Girl. The result: an evening of technological inspiration and excellence, camaraderie, cocktails and a lot of fun.

We know because we were there. Although, our presence had nothing to do with our tech genius, which ranges from nil to a bare minimum. We were there for three main reasons.

One, we are Samsung fans. This article is partially typed on a Samsung Galaxy S22 (swear by God). Two, we were getting to experience the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 firsthand. And three, we really wanted to know what Tiffeny Chung, Head of Marketing, Mobile eXperience at Samsung Electronics Canada, had to say about women in leadership roles in the industry.

And we are happy to fill you in on the crazy awesome events of the evening—

Photo courtesy of Samsung Canada

The First Impression

Honestly, we were expecting the evening to be fab and classy, purely based on its venue, aka Harriet’s Rooftop Bar. And it certainly did not disappoint— classy ambience, incredible city views, snacks and beverages flowing. But a few minutes in, we realized that the evening is going to be just as intellectual as it is fun. Thanks to the many impressive and interesting women present at the event. It wasn’t hard to establish early on that the event is going to be everything it promised to be.
The Tech (but not quite) Talk

“It (the tech industry) is constantly evolving. It’s constantly advancing. It’s making the world a better place because it advances so rapidly. To me, that is so exciting and interesting.” This statement by Chung broke our first misconception about the talk. We incorrectly assumed the discussion to be all about the Galaxy Z Series features. It wasn’t.

Sure, the Galaxy Z series features did make an appearance here and there. Tiffeny would, after all, pick examples from her work life. But it was primarily an inspiring convo for the aspiring attendees. And most importantly, it had a sense of revolution to it. The revolution that changes the narrative of Women in Tech by supporting each other to reach great heights.

“As a leader, I always encourage people to think about what’s next, to see themselves in my role. I’m not going to be there forever. Aspire to that. Let’s get you there. I am okay knowing that you will succeed me,” adds Tiffeny.

Photo courtesy of Samsung Canada

The Pretty-Meet-Productive Phones

Samsung is known to be a leader in technology and innovation in Canada and around the world. And it is gems like the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 devices that continue to showcase the electronic giant’s innovative stride.

When we first saw the phones, our immediate reaction was, “Ooouuu! These are so chic and sleek.” And we stand by that reaction. The foldable devices are pretty good-looking and sleek enough to fit our skin-fit pants and jacket pockets.

But the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 are designed with productivity at their core to aid our hybrid work models. They not only put tablet-sized productivity in your pockets but also make multitasking on your smartphone a piece of cake, with the Galaxy Fold4 capable of launching three apps ride-by-side across its unfolded main screen.

We are, in particular, eyeing the Galaxy Z Flip4. It’s super smart, it’s super sleek, it’s super nostalgic AND it’s a super tool for content capturing. Tiffeny highlighted the versatile and hands-free FlexCam of the Galaxy Z Flip4 during her talk, which was also on display at the event’s photo booth to let attendees capture memories to take home with them.

Photo courtesy of Samsung Canada

The Feeling After

As we left Harriet’s Rooftop Bar we felt many things at once. Proud that us women are killing it in every field. Elated that women in leadership roles are trailblazing a women-support-women culture. And thrilled that Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 are now on our holiday shopping list!

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