Attention, foodies! A new restaurant concept is launching in Vancouver in the next couple of months – and they’re serving HK-style comfort eats. The best part? The Hong Kong-style cafe is situated in the owner’s former family home, setting the bar for nostalgia even higher! So, get ready to pull up a chair at Saan Saan and share delicious, nourishing food at the same place the owners have dined for three generations. Talk about a legacy!

Inclusive space

“Thinking back to our childhood, we remember family gatherings around our grandparents’ dinner table [at] this exact address,” say Saan Saan’s owners. “Saan Saan allows us to blend inclusive food, purposeful design, and Vancouver’s Chinese history into something we can share with the community.”


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Comfort food

In terms of food, HK-style cafes typically serve affordable, tasty Cantonese eats, milk tea, and baked goods. Saan Saan is set to take this tradition to the next level with “delicious, nostalgic, gluten-free HK-style cafe comfort food,” made with wholesome ingredients. “We offer exciting salad bowls, delicious gluten-free baos, noodles, and rice bowls.”

Finally, a spot for gluten-free folks to enjoy the flavours of Canto-Western cuisine!

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Saan Saan is slated to open in the fall and is currently focused on hiring like-minded kitchen and service staff. “Saan Saan’s success is all about the people that produce, cook, and serve the delicious food. Our aim is to have fun, be kind, and connect people with food, which nourishes and brings joy!”

Keep an eye out on Saan Saan’s socials for the latest deets and updates on their opening date.

That’s all for now, Vancouver! We’ll check back in soon.

Saan Saan

When: TBA, this fall
Where: 227 Main Street