Acting, hysterical Tweets, and Aviation Gin. Is there anything Ryan Reynolds can’t do?? It looks like mobile phone plans are next on the list of this star’s accomplishments, as he attempts to bring the amazingly cheap Mint Mobile over to Canada. Sigh, he’s so dreamy when he’s fighting for affordably priced phone plans in the True North Strong and Free.

So Mint Mobile is a U.S. based company known for their great prices. To give you an idea of what they’re working with, you can get an unlimited plan for only $30 a month! Or a pre-paid plan at only $15 a month. Can you IMAGINE how people would freak out if we could get those great deals on this side of the border?

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Well, we might be able to see that first hand one day. When the star took to Twitter to promote the latest ad for the company, he received multiple replies pointing out the irony of two Canadian actors selling a service that isn’t currently available in the country. But he was quick to shoot back with “Agree. And working on it!” in response. Which hints to us that Canadians might see the light of Mint Mobile in the near future.

Now, there are still tons of legal hoops Mint Mobile would have to jump through in order to become an official carrier in our country. But we’re taking Ryan’s Tweet as a sign that they’re working on all that as we speak. Before we know it, we might just be celebrating crazy cheap phone plans of our very own!