Buckle up, because another unique dining experience is on its way and this one will transport guests to the vibrant streets of Tokyo.

The Robot Restaurant Show is headed to Calgary and will take guests on a “futuristic journey with high-tech laser displays, multi-coloured lights, flash dancers and glittering robots with a Japanese twist.”

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Photo via Hidden Media Networks

Similar to the world-renowned Japan Robot Restaurant, sink your teeth into a variety of authentic food, watch and enjoy live performances over the course of 90 action-packed minutes.

“If you want to spice up your dining experiences, enjoy an unmatchable date or have a night to remember with your friends, then The Robot Restaurant Show is perfect for you,” they wrote to Curiocity.

Photo via Hidden Media Networks

“Expect an abundance of energy and fun, walking out equal parts amazed and baffled at the insight you’ve had into the modern Japanese subculture.”

Interested in checking it out? Tickets are already on sale and will include a welcome drink and a Japanese-inspired sushi meal upon arrival.

Act fast and enjoy!


When: 9th Ave SE, Calgary
Where: Friday, November 10th – 12th, 2023
Cost: $140