Don’t know what it is about these functional, handheld meals but biting into a saucy, meaty, veggie-loaded burrito is oddly satisfying. Now imagine these heavenly wraps only fresher, saucier and more flavourful. And that is Quesada Burritos for you.

Anytime we are craving a classic burrito or a spicy taco or even cheesy nachos we hit up our nearest Quesada. And why wouldn’t we? They are a flavour hotspot with their super fresh ingredients and house-made salsas (Chipotle Tomato Salsa, Salsa Verde and the super spicy, Salsa Roja). Heck, they found a way to make roasted veggies taste delightful!

via Quesada Burritos

And don’t even get us started on the variety they offer- be it their meat choices or the toppings or even their many, many sauces. FYI, they have a vegan sauce too, in case you were wondering.

To top it all, they believe in giving back to the community and doing good for the environment. They happen to be the first Mexican chain in Canada to have replaced the conventional aluminum foil with biodegradable paper to wrap their burritos. Just to give you context, that will divert about 100,000 pounds of aluminum from our landfills in 5 years. 

This month, the brand is also supporting The David Suzuki Foundation, which conserves and protects the natural environment to help create a sustainable Canada. This would be the second consecutive year that Quesada will donate a portion of sales proceeds to the national not-for-profit organization.

Quesada Burritos
via Quesada Burritos

In honour of Earth Month, aka April, the brand upped its support to the foundation and gave us an opportunity to do the same. Every time we purchase a roasted veggie burrito, you are in fact, supporting the David Suzuki non-profit. Wait, there’s more.

You can also donate $1, $2 or $5 each time you order Burritos & Tacos at their store, both in-person and online. These donations will be used towards restoring the environment and creating sustainable communities.

Long story short, we can make ourselves and planet Earth happy simply by enjoying a delicious meal. If only extending support to all causes was this easy, eh?