Wild Rose Country is spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do and see in the mountains – especially in the wintertime. From the charming towns and festive markets, there’s plenty to jingle your bells, but few will take your breath away like Panther Falls when it freezes over.

Located in Banff National Park off the famous Columbia Icefields, this Alberta beauty has been described as an ‘icy fortress’ in the wintertime and is the perfect stop if you’re into photography or (later in the season) ice climbing!

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At a whopping 200 ft tall, Panther Falls is well worth the visit, but it’ll take a bit of work to get there.

“Park in the ploughed viewpoint to Bridal Veil Falls on the Big Bend Hill along the Icefields Parkway,” explains Parks Canada.

“The top of the climb can be accessed from below by following an often snow-covered summer trail through the timber below the south end of the parking area.”

Of course, even if you’re not into the winter sport or taking professional pictures, we’d still recommend checking it out no matter the time of year!

In fact, there are two viewpoints in which you can see it in all of its glory.

“You can hike to the bottom of the falls or take a higher trail to see it all from midway,” wrote Travel Alberta.

“But who’s to say you can’t do both if you’re feeling adventurous?”

If you’re interested remember to bring appropriate footwear, dress warm and watch your step! While there’s no telling when exactly it will freeze this year or next, it’s quite the looker!


Panther Falls, Alberta

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