The temperatures are going down, the rain frequency going up and our outdoor adventures are coming to a complete halt. At least that’s what we thought before we discovered this happy news- WildPlay Element Park in Maple Ridge will remain open until December 19! Now, you know what that means, right? We can still spend time outside admiring the natural beauty around us before the holiday season kicks in.

Given that all this rain only makes the bountiful BC beauty even more mesmerizing, a day spent amidst it seems only logical.

The park, as you might well be aware of, is every adventure-junkie’s go-to spot in the city, courtesy of their wide repertoire of activities. No matter your age (they have adventures 5-year olds could take on), skill or the level of thrill you’re looking for, WildPlay has an activity for you. 

wildplay adventure park
Photos by Curiocity

Being at the lowest level of skill and thrill as we are, we gave the Adventure Course a try. For one, it has three different skill levels (we opted for the easiest, ha!). And for two, they offered on-ground training sessions for ziplining which we were in dire need of – though, the training did not keep us from screaming our lungs out in the middle of what can only be described as flying. 

Of the many (45 to be precise) aerial games at the park, you probably won’t be able to miss the WTF Jump aka the What’s to Fear Jump (gotcha!) even if you wanted to. So, you go up like 40ft, stand on a wooden plank which seems to be floating mid-air TBH and then you come down in a free fall, with the safety harness, of course. We, as is anybody’s guess, did not dare give it a try. 

Oh, and we noticed the park now has axe throwing too with a 14ft-long alley which is a new addition to the wild variety of activities at the park. Frankly, we had maxed out our adventure limit and gave it a miss but it sure looked fun. Definitely on our bucket list for next time! 

Long story short, this Lower Mainland adventure destination is the place to be if you’re planning a family funday, looking for a final adventure for the season with your significant other or hoping to spend a day working them muscles with your pals.

And before you go, did we mention 2022 season passes are currently on a special early bird promo? Christmas is around the corner…just sayin’. We’ll be hopping on this deal rn. See y’all out there! 

When: Saturday-Sunday, 10am-4pm (SPECIAL HOURS: Friday, Nov 12 from 10am-4pm)

Where: 23485 Fern Crescent, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2S6