The world is full of some pretty smart cookies – you’re one of them! But choosing the right post-secondary school could be what determines your success. With so many schools all over the globe, where do you go for the best experience possible? We may be biased, but the True North is certainly not a bad place to start! Now, where do you go from here? Toronto, Alberta, B.C? Don’t stress, instead, how about we look at a newly released list of the Top 10 Global Universities in Canada!

Based on performance and reputation, American Publication, U.S. News has narrowed it down to only a few institutions from coast to coast.

According to their findings, Ontario institutions practically dominated the list, making up 5 of the top 10.

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Ontario dominates list of top 10 Global Universities in Canada

At number 1, with a global score of 83.5 was the University of Toronto, which has an incredible 74,502 students total. Honestly, with 700 graduate programs, 200 master’s programs, and 44 different libraries spread over its 3 different campuses, it’s pretty easy to see how this one came in first.

In second and third place, we saw the University of British Columbia with a score of 77.9 and Montreal’s McGill University with a score of 74.9.

The entire list was as follows:

  1. The University of Toronto – Toronto, ON
  2. The University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC
  3. McGill University – Montreal, QC
  4. McMaster University – Hamilton, ON
  5. The University of Alberta – Edmonton, AB
  6. The University of Montreal – Montreal, QC
  7. The University of Calgary – Calgary, AB
  8. The University of Ottawa – Ottawa, ON
  9. The University of Waterloo – Waterloo, ON
  10. Western University – London, ON

If you’ve already done your time, did any of these surprise you? Let us know! Who knew Ontario was the place to be?