Canada Post isn’t a regular mail delivery service, they’re a cool mail delivery service. At least in London, Ontario, that is. If you’ve been staring out your window waiting for your online orders to show up, you may have spotted an out-of-the-ordinary mail truck or two. That’s because these delivery machines have gone psychedelic.

Okay, let’s back it up for you a bit. According to CBC, this all started thanks to one London, Ontario-based graphic artist named Andrew Lewis. Apparently, the design was originally just for coin-sized stamps. But when he pitched it for the vans as a joke, Canada Post took him seriously.

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After that, the rest is history! At first, there were only 6 colourful vans on the road. Now that number is closer to around 40. Although at one time they were only perusing London, Ontario, these days they can be spotted in almost every major city in Canada.

Lewis says his design was a light-hearted way to bring smiles to people’s faces during these gloomy days. Plus, of course, to thank the postal employees who have been working tirelessly through this whole ordeal. If you ask us, he’s more than accomplished that goal

So keep your eyes peeled for these crazy, psychedelic Canada Post trucks. Spotting one of these vibrant delivery vehicles is sure to make anyone’s day!