With Family Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to look at the most recent list of the top family-friendly employers in Canada. After all, a little work-life balance is always a nice thing to have. Do you think your company deserves a spot? Read on and see!

The list was put together by Mediacorp, which also puts out the list of Canada’s Best Employers every year. For the family-friendly version, the focus was on things like maternity/paternity leave, daycare options, compassionate leave, and even academic opportunities for employees’ children.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, big names and government organizations dominated the list. However, there are a couple of inclusions that we’re scratching our heads at. Salesforce, for example, might have offices in Canada, but it’s still firmly headquartered and does the majority of its business in America.

Meanwhile, companies like Bell Canada have come under serious fire for their blanket-firing of employees in Canadian markets. So, do we think the list is perfect? Not really, but it is fun to see what sorts of supports each company offers.

To check out the full list of the top family-friendly employers in Canada, just click here.