A new report has found the most respected car brands in Canada, based on a national survey that took place last month. Over 3,600 Canadians participated, providing their opinion on 13 different carmakers. And, the results might surprise you. Let’s check it out!

The survey was conducted by an organization called Canada’s Most Respected, which reveals survey rankings on things like carmakers, banks, insurance companies, and more in Canada.

Apparently, Toyota tops the list of the most respected car brands in Canada this year. Out of a potential score of 100, the brand received an average score 66.4. Honda was close behind as well, with an average of 65.7. It’s a relatively straightforward process- each respondent was asked how much they respect each brand, from ‘not at all’ to ‘very much’.

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Let’s see which other carmakers cracked the top 5:

  1. Toyota- 66.4
  2. Honda- 65.7
  3. Subaru- 57.6
  4. BMW- 57.5
  5. Mazda- 57.5

If you were curious, Tesla also made the list, just barely cracking the top 10 with a score of 55.8. We guess that the popularity of the company online and in certain regions hasn’t really translated to general respect. Hmm, we’ll have to see what next year’s list looks like.

To check out the list of the most respected car brands in Canada for yourself, just click here!