Choosing a place to settle down and put roots can be a daunting task. Sure, TV shows like House Hunters make the process look fun and exciting. But anyone who’s spent hours on MLS knows it’s no easy feat.

You need to think about the future. What kind of lifestyle do you want? How big is your family going to be? What do your daily activities look like? Yikes, that’s a lot of questions. The good news is, if you’ve been searching for a place that combines urban living and community charm, we may have just found your needle in the haystack. 

Blatchford is a new Edmonton community that lets you have your cake and eat it too. This master-planned community contains a mix of homes for every type of family and a central location just off Kingsway and Airport Road. But that’s not even the coolest part. 

Blatchford is changing the game when it comes to sustainable living with eco-friendly homes that combine the cozy comfort of a close-knit neighbourhood with big city amenities just steps from your door. Quaint community or urban living? Why not both? 

If you’re looking to get off the fence, here are 5 reasons why you should consider making Blatchford home.

Location, location, location

You really can’t beat a central location. No shade for homebodies. We love ourselves a good night in as much as the next person. But for those times when you’re NOT at home, isn’t it nice to have Edmonton’s downtown at your fingertips?

And fingertips it is because this new Edmonton community is close to everything. It’s only minutes away from the downtown core, with easy access to the LRT, Royal Alexandra Hospital, the NAIT campus, restaurants, shops, and more! It’s one of the few neighbourhoods where you can get everywhere you need to go without needing your car.


Getting around is a breeze

Okay, but what about the days when you don’t need groceries, aren’t in the mood to eat out, and don’t feel like planning any sort of get-together? That’s fine. Take a ‘me-day’ and enjoy the neighbourhood. 

Blatchford isn’t your standard new development of sterile roadways. These streets are made for strolling thanks to curated walking spaces, cycling networks, well-lit lanes, and lots of scenic stops along the way. This new Edmonton community is specially designed to be liveable and walkable – but if you need to go a little further, Blatchford will also have 2 LRT stations located within the neighbourhood.

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Getting around is a breeze


Whether you have a large extended family, a couple of kids, or you’re just looking for more space for your fur babies, this community is planned with families in mind. Blatchford’s neighbourhood layout prioritizes walkability, safety, and connectivity above all else. 

Enjoy parks and green spaces with benches to stop and stay awhile. There will be pedestrian-only walkways, units with secondary suites for multi-generational living, and dedicated bike lanes to keep cyclists of all ages safe. What else could you need?

family friendly

Parks and green spaces

Speaking of spaces to gather, who doesn’t love living near a park? Start your morning off with a jog around the pond, wind down among the orchard trees after a busy day, or take your dog for a leisurely stroll and watch them sniff every hedge. Now, what about your very own community park?

The Blatchford neighbourhood built parks and green spaces right into the community plan. There will be corridors of park space to connect homes and people, public plazas to gather and celebrate, community gardens to cultivate, plus wider fields to run, picnic, or just enjoy a sunny day. 


Sustainable living

You really can’t think about the future without considering sustainability. 

Renewables are built into the fabric of the Blatchford community. Forget about your natural gas furnace and air conditioner. This development has an efficient District Energy Sharing System to deliver heating and cooling sourced from a geo-exchange system located underneath the first stormwater pond. 

Homes are outfitted with energy-efficient heat pumps instead of fossil-fuel furnaces for eco-friendly heating systems that allow residents to reduce their emissions. 

This is all thanks to Blatchford leading the charge with custom Green Building Codes that aim to encourage sustainable living and energy conservation. This is reflected in everything that goes into construction, from the building envelope and energy systems to larger sustainable building features.

Blatchford is a new Edmonton community unlike any other. Where else can you find a home that suits your lifestyle and your personal values, too? If this sounds like the place you’ve been waiting for, then check out their website to sign up for updates on the development.