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The summer of 2021 is shaping up to be different than we had had all hoped, but it doesn’t mean it has to be less memorable.

Motor Nights: A Series of Drive-In Events is here to emphasize that social distancing and having a great time as a community are not mutually exclusive.

YYC Food Trucks will be on-site so that guests can enjoy their favourite movie snacks and local food truck faves throughout the show. Upon entering the grounds, you will be able to drive through the YYC Food Trucks lineup prior to finding your parking spot for the show. Attending food trucks will be announced the day of via @yycfoodtrucks


1. Enter gate and have your ticket scanned.
2. Line up in your vehicle for the food trucks and order your treats, or skip the trucks and drive to the screen area.
3. Once there, wait for an attendant to help you get to your spot.
4. Movie audio will be broadcast to your car’s FM radio – please keep your car ignition in the AC position.
5. Turn off your head and tail lights. If they can’t be turned off while ignition is in AC position, please bring material to cover your lights so to not disrupt the other movie-goers.
6. Please stay in in/around your car except to use the restroom on site, and maintain social distancing while doing so.
7. Cars will be parked staggered and 6 feet apart.

We can’t wait to make summer memories with you!