Since it was announced in 2019, the Calgary event centre has caused quite a stir. From budget to location, everyone has had (and is totally entitled to) an opinion, so it’s no surprise that its most recent design phase has been no different.

For those who may have missed it, after recent renegotiations, the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation actually hired a new design team to reanimated a series of brand new renderings that were unlike those brought forward by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.

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Calgary event centre
Photo Via @jeffdavidsonyyc / Twitter

As you can see above they’ve dramatically changed the shape, style and overall look of the $608.5 million centre – sparking debate amongst fans.

In response to recent photos of the facility posted by mayoral candidate Jeff Davison, Twitter practically erupted with comments both good and bad.

From comedic comparisons to supportive remarks, it seems that as long as Calgarians have a penny to spare, they’ll give away their two cents with enthusiasm. Let’s take a look at what they had to say this week!

As mentioned, some are a-ok with the change – encouraging the city to move forward with the concept

Others, however… well… they weren’t all that jazzed (to put it lightly)

Now we want to know what you guys think! How do you feel about the new renderings of the Calgary event centre? Do you want to see more? If not, let us know why in the comments on our socials!

It’s sure going to be e a few very exciting years – we guess that all we really have to do is hang tight until 2024 when the project is completed and what a wait that will be.