Believe it or not, a short hike with great, literally towering views does exist in Washington. The Leecher Mountain Lookout is a 2.4 miles, roundtrip hike with stunning views. And the 4-hour and 20-minute drive to get there makes it a great fall day trip option.

If you’re wondering how this hike is graded, it is considered easy/moderate. And according to the Washington Trails Association, it is “not so much of a hike,” noting that you can essentially drive right up to the lookout. This makes it a great, accessible option for those who don’t want a challenging hike.

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Leecher Mountain Lookout
Photo via Washington Trails Association

While beautiful year-round, in the spring and summer the area is known for wildflowers like larkspur, scarlet gilia, stonecrop, lupine, yarrow, and many others.

The Leecher Mountain Lookout is also known for having a Ranger named “Lightning” Bill Austin. During his season, which generally runs until September, he mans the fire lookout and gives information to eager hikers and visitors While his season has ended for the year, you can still enjoy the stunning views from the lookout.

The stairs to the catwalk take you 40 feet in the air and above the treeline so you can see miles upon miles of the Methow Valley.

Leecher Mountain Lookout

Where: North Cascades

Information on Leecher Mountain is from the Washington Trails Association and is accurate as of publication date.