ICYMI, Lavazza IncluCity Festival 2023 is soon to hit town!

As we informed earlier, ICFF’s epic celebration of international cinema, aka the IncluCity Fest, is back in Toronto for its 12th edition. And for the second year in a row, they are transforming the Distillery District into a gorgeous outdoor cinema village this summer.

From Tuesday, June 27th to Friday, July 21st, the cobblestoned street of the historic district will transform into a gigantic artistic hub. From movie screenings to art exhibits to installations to honouring a celebrated fashion icon, the Lavazza Inclucity Festival 2023 has plenty to look forward to. And we’ve got all the deets for you!

Photo via ICFF

Here is all the special programming that you can expect from this year’s festival—

Movies, Appearances & More

Movie screenings are obviously the main and largest feature of the fest. And much like years past, this year is bringing an interesting selection of 40 feature films, 23 short films, and over 10 North American Premieres. The fest will feature films from 26 different countries this year. Come June 27th, The District will be home to outdoor theatres and patios. There will also be couch seating with large digital screens at several locations. Your movie experience will further be amped up with special guest appearances, stellar red carpet and unique cocktail experiences.

The Dark Side

Horror enthusiasts and thrill-seekers here’s one for you! Lavazza Inclucity Festival 2023 marks the debut of its horror segment, The Dark Side. Encounter spine-tingling movie screenings that push the boundaries of reality and the supernatural. Whether you’re a devoted horror enthusiast or simply in search of an unforgettable evening of thrills, these exclusive screenings are a must-watch. You can also embark on a Distillery District Ghost Tour after dark with lanterns!

AWA Music Showcase ‘N Movies

Music lovers are going to have a blast this year as AWA Music Showcase ‘N Movies brings a vibrant blend of genres to the Lavazza IncluCity Festival 2023. The concert series will bring together extraordinary artists from in and around Toronto. Expect enchanting Arabic melodies, soulful RnB rhythms, timeless Blues, heartfelt Country and Americana and infectious African beats among others.

6ix Art Outdoor

Another amazing aspect of the festival this year is the captivating installation along Gristmill Lane. The installation features 17 awe-inspiring statues, each towering over 8 feet tall. Created by talented multicultural artists such as Danilo Ursini, Emily May Rose, Ghazaleh Rastgar, and Rei MEDĒIO Misiri, these artworks beautifully intertwine cultural perspectives and creative expressions. Oh, and it’s free to explore.

F is for Fendi

This has got to be one of the highlights of the event! On July 22nd, the festival pays tribute to the life and achievements of Anna Fendi, the visionary force behind the iconic fashion brand. Expect a night filled with luxury, glamour, and style as you immerse yourself in the world of Anna Fendi. From captivating cinema showcases to breathtaking designs and art, “F is for Fendi” offers a unique journey into the creative realm that made Fendi a global success.

Il Perugino Immersive Exhibit

Art lovers, you are in for more treat because Lavazza IncluCity Festival 2023 is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the legendary artist Il Perugino. And they are doing it with a spectacular exhibit curated by Stefano Baldi. The immersive exhibit showcases the timeless beauty that is l Perugino’s masterpieces. Art enthusiast or not, this is an exhibit you won’t want to miss. Plus, it’s free to explore!

Architettura & Design Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are a standard feature of the fest. And this year the discussion will uncover the influence of Italian architecture on a global scale. Join the fascinating sessions on “Illuminating Architecture” and “Unveiling Bo Bardi” and gain insights into the captivating connections between design, culture and society.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in exceptional art, gain a deeper insight into it or simply want to spend a few fun hours out in the summer, The District is the place to be!


When: Tuesday, June 27th to Friday, July 21st
Where: Distillery Historic District