Once again, Vancouver has been the golden city for one of its golden children- Ryan Reynolds. He’s starring in the new Netflix film The Adam Project, and it’s filming in downtown Vancouver all week long. Here’s the scoop.

For the scene, practically all of Jack Poole Plaza has been shut down for the week. What’s more, some iconic landmarks (like the Digital Orca and the Olympic Cauldron), were completely covered. That’s always weird to see.

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According to the filming notice, the scene involves three characters breaking into a facility. Filming is also happening in the Convention Centre, but the scenes may not be connected. There’s supposed to be fighting, a car crash, and the use of a ‘futuristic weapon’, so that’s pretty fun.

And it tracks, since the film is about a man (Ryan Reynolds) who travels back in time to help his younger self. Zoë Saldana and Jennifer Garner are also co-stars, so it’s got some real star-power behind it.

Will it live up the hype of other time travel films? Who knows, but we look forward to seeing our great city, likely pretending to be another city, while we watch it.