YRIt’s no secret that Gastown is one of our fave spots to try out new restaurants and all kinds of cuisines. Now, when it comes to Ukrainian food, we know for a fact Kozak Ukrainian Restaurant is the place to be.

While their first visit to Kozak might have been curiosity-driven, the umpteen repeat visits thereafter were pure culinary pleasure. Thanks to the resto-café’s drool-worthy menu of homemade everything.

Kozak Ukrainian Restaurant
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Given the love and attention the resto-bakery has been garnering it is virtually impossible to not be familiar with the place. But on the off chance that you still haven’t visited them, Kozak is a relatively new addition to Gastown’s foodscape.

Although, the brand itself has existed for almost a decade.

Owners Irina and Sergiy who migrated to Canada in 2012, set up their first bakery in 2014. And over the years, grew from a tiny space and farmers’ market stalls to three brick-and-mortar locations in town. All along winning hearts one baked good and one delicacy at a time.

Kozak Ukrainian Restaurant Pastries
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The Gastown Restaurant is their most recent location and by far, the most popular too. And if you conjured images of a modest little space when you heard “homemade,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Because despite its warm, friendly vibe the restaurant boasts gorg, upscale interiors. This makes it perfect for all special occasions, including the upcoming Valentine’s Day (more on this later).

Sure, the beautiful décor and friendly vibe are winners but the star of the restaurant is its extensive lunch menu. Expect authentic Ukrainian food with a gourmet twist. This includes classics like Cabbage Rolls, Nalysnyky (Ukrainian crepes), Borsch (sour soup) and Varenyky (dumplings).

Kozak Ukrainian Restaurant
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Just FYI, their sweet cheese pancakes, aka Syrnyky, are a must-have!

Best of all— you can enjoy their hearty meals guilt-free. Given that everything is homemade, the food here is healthy as well, unlike our usual comfort foods. Everything on the Kozak menu is prepared with fresh, natural ingredients. No taste enhancers, no dough improvers and no preservatives.

They also have a pretty decent Happy Hour menu. With lip-smacking cocktails, beers and wines and delectable bites, it is well worth extending your lunch all the way into the Happy Hour.

Friends cheersing happy hour cocktails
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Frankly, foodie or not, Kozak is worth visiting. Especially if you’re looking for a fancy-meets-fun dinner date. The restaurant is serving up Love Cakes and Sweet Cherry Love Cocktails to couples for Valentine’s Day. How cute is that?!

Cherry Heart Cocktails
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Check out their website below to view the menus, order delivery or book a table. 


1 W Cordova St, Vancouver