Every once in a while, a fast-food company just says ‘whatever’ and lets their fans try menu options that are more at home in an animated show than in real life. The latest addition to this train is a new collaboration between the folks at KFC and Pizza Hut.

And yes, it’s exactly like you would expect. This limited-time option sees traditional toppings replaced with KFC Popcorn Chicken, corn and gravy. Don’t worry though- the cheese hasn’t gone anywhere.

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We have to say, we’re impressed by companies that have already made such memorable options as ‘stuffed-crust’ pizzas and the infamous Double Down. And while there’s no incredible song to go alongside this collaboration, we’re still looking forward to trying it out.

The new KFC Popcorn Chicken is now available at participating Pizza Hut locations across Canada. If you’re looking for something wild for your next pizza night, you’ve found it!