So between the back and forth of the CDC and world governments, the info on COVID-19 can be pretty unclear. But honestly, that’s to be expected due to the relative newness of this virus. However, PM Justin Trudeau had some words of wisdom to add this week on how to protect ourselves from COVID-19. And well, let’s just say he could have used some different wording.

If you haven’t heard already through the grapevine of the interwebs, PM Justin Trudeau used the term “speaking moistly”. And while we’re not exactly sure what he meant by that we have a general idea. We’re thinking of that kid in 3rd grade whose mouth was like a sprinkler every time they talked. And yeah, it’s not pretty.

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But hey, Justin was just trying to get the point across that we need to be mindful of the ways we are interacting in public spaces with others for their safety and our own. However, due to the seemingly widespread hatred of the word “moist”, we’re thinking Justin is regretting his word choice.

So if you need a laugh and a bit of an education on the dos and don’ts of social interaction in the time of COVID-19 be sure to watch the video above. And so far the things we know include, keeping two meters apart, not speaking moistly and that Justin Trudeau is not a medical expert. But hey, props to him for trying.

If you’d like to watch the full press release, click here. Have a great day Vancouver!