Demanding women. That’s what the world needs right now. Women who are demanding change. Women who are demanding equality for themselves and for others. Women who are demanding a better tomorrow for current and future generations of women. Women who are demanding more of themselves and of those around them– and John Frieda Haircare just handed one demanding trailblazer a megaphone (figuratively, of course).

The beloved haircare brand recently launched its “Fund the Demanding” initiative to back women who are driving change in their community. This could mean making equitable educational and growth opportunities available to young girls, neutralizing workplace biases, demanding substantial research on women’s health or any other change worth demanding.

With a belief that change begins with awareness, the initiative aims to help raise awareness about female change-makers and their causes. The idea is to make the voices of demanding women as strong as the women themselves and as loud as their vision.

The brand named Rochelle De Goias-Jackman, the founder of Girls E-Mentorship, aka GEM, to be the 2022 ambassador of the “Fund the Demanding ‘initiative.

Photo via Girls E-Mentorship

A top 100-rated charity, GEM’s research-based mentorship programs are designed in sync with Rochelle’s vision to empower young girls. To realize this vision, GEM hosts a series of mentorship and scholarship programs, events and workshops. Through these, Rochelle aims to earn these girls an opportunity to an equal standing irrespective of their racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

As part of the program, the girls are mentored by experienced professionals who work closely with them to develop professional skills. These skills not only prepare but also inspire the mentees to achieve their academic and career potential.

Girls E-Mentorship
Photo via Girls E-Mentorship

In addition to the core skills, mentors actively work on boosting self-esteem and self-worth to further empower these young women. Efforts are made to help girls realize that they deserve a place at the table irrespective of their race, religion or sexual identity.

Talking about the initiative, Rochelle said, “To me, Fund the Demanding means to demand change for women in the workforce, to demand inclusivity in the workforce and in C-suite positions, to demand more from your life, from yourself, and your future.  To do more and be more – which is what we hope to inspire in each and every GEM girl.”

Photo via Girls E-Mentorship
Photo via Girls E-Mentorship

Demanding more of herself and a whole generation of future demanding women, Rochelle intends to utilize the 10K grant for the expansion of the program. “In the very near future, we will be expanding, scaling the entire organization to help more girls across the province (Ontario).  The donation from John Frieda Haircare will go directly towards developing that expansion model.  A key piece with a lasting impact,” she added.

You can support GEM’s girl empowerment efforts by contributing to the cause by donating, or applying to be a mentor yourself. You’ll find the details on how you can do that on the GEM website!